“Energy BPO has proven to be a reliable and ethical partner, firmly committed to integrity and excellence. Their approach, characterized by genuine care and avoidance of shortcuts, consistently yields outstanding results. Their dedication to quality and ethical practices makes them a valuable asset in the industry.

Julio Astorga
Senior Director, Sales & Marketing, Spark Energy

“Been working with Energy BPO for three years now. They’ve been a trusted, productive, ethical partner since day one. This is hard to find but we have it here with Energy BPO and their team.”

Alan S.
COO, Genie Retail Energy

“I’ve done business with Matt for over 15 years. In that time, he has always delivered results. Matt is the expert in energy call center knowledge and execution.”

Paul K.
Gexa Energy

“If anyone knows the energy call center business and what to do and not do, it’s Matt. You can always count on him to lead you in the right direction.”

Adam Bashe
CSO, Green Choice Energy

“Matt Judkin and Energy BPO have become trusted partners in analyzing, evaluating, and executing upon our most impactful sales and marketing initiatives. 10 out of 10!”

Ken Pedotto
CEO, Eligo Energy

“I have known Matt Judkin for 20 years and procured his services while I was employed at multiple companies within the energy industry. Matt has always delivered a positive business impact and treated our business relationship with the highest level of attention, ethics, and integrity. Matt has built my trust in his ability to behave consistently over time and in different situations, his extra effort to meet deadlines, and his follow-through on promises made. In addition, Matt has demonstrated himself to be a highly competent business leader.”

Pete Muzsi
Seasoned Energy Executive

“Matt, I wanted to take a moment to share my thanks for all the quality sales and support. You and I have done business together for over seven years, and you’ve always been fair and honest in doing what’s right for our customers and our businesses. If anyone is looking for energy call center services, and looking for the industry experts to do what’s right, you can always count on Energy BPO.”

Dave Schotz
Head of Sales, Rhythm Energy

“I have known Matt for more than 10 years and aside from being a dear friend, he is both honest and trustworthy. He knows the energy business inside and out and he leads with integrity.”

Sherri Staveski
Genie Energy

“Energy BPO offers a no-risk trial to begin their consulting services: ‘If we can’t save you money, you pay us nothing.’ Now that’s peace of mind! No one increases margins and net income like Energy BPO.”

Peter Muzsi
CSO, Starion Energy