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Your Success Is Our Success

From billing to back office support to sales, Energy BPO proudly represents our clients’ brands with superior inbound service and rapid issue resolution, leveraging our unique industry-specific experience to outpace the competition. At Energy BPO, we know that answering the phones fast is just the beginning. As trained industry professionals with the knowledge and patience to address all concerns, our representatives never forget that total customer satisfaction is job one, resolving issues quickly, proactively and completely. From the moment you onboard with us, your dedicated account management team works diligently to ensure success.


Your One-of-a-Kind Telesales Provider

When you need an energy-only outbound telesales specialist dedicated to growing your business with honesty and integrity, Energy BPO is the logical choice. Not only do we provide clean contact leads and demographic modeling to zero in on your precise target markets, we are experts in regulatory compliance to keep sales campaigns on track and in bounds. No exceptions, no cut corners, Energy BPO always follows the laws of the land and takes no chances. Our sales team does much more than read a script. We build long-term relationships by engaging with prospects, discovering their needs and goals, and crafting custom solutions tailored exclusively for them.

TPV Services

Earning Your Trust with Every Interaction

Energy BPO ensures complete customer understanding of your product offerings through live or automated third-party verification (TPV) services. While live TPV remains the industry standard, as there’s no substitute for human interaction, our automated service is also a viable method through our intuitive self-service client portal. Let us explain the benefits and advantages of each so you can confidently choose an option that’s just right for you.


The Essence of Every Business

At Energy BPO, we know it’s impossible to acquire legal, ethical and timely leads from a middleman broker. That’s why we collect and stand behind our own data, working closely with our clients to maximize effectiveness. Our web-based digital leads programs reach receptive prospects who have actively expressed an interest in your product and signaled a willingness to learn more, or better yet, we get the prospects to call in and engage.


We believe that the outbound energy telesales world is changing and that change can be good, so we are in the forefront and have perfected the way to make the phone ring while staying in full regulatory compliance. At Energy BPO, we can make it happen — ethically, legally and effectively.

Nobody brings it all together under one roof like Energy BPO.

Our dedication and expertise unlocks your company’s growth potential and opens the door to a new era of partnership with the industry’s best.